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  • Excellent detection on mass races

  • For heavy runner densities (finish/start lines)

  • Covers a 10 meters width

  • Used on major road races across the world
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  • Very thin and bike-friendly (< 2cm / 1 in)

  • Flexible (for use on uneven road)

  • Quickly and easily assembled on race day

  • Versatile setup

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  • Excellent detection on narrow tracks or light finish lines

  • Plug and play (literally!)

  • Multiple connectivity & internal battery

  • Standalone solution
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  • For remote aid stations

  • Light & easy to use

  • Stands any weather

  • Small, replaceable internal battery
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  • Online setup interface + 3G syncing

  • > 100m visibility

  • Robust metal housing

  • Video-friendly display frequency
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    Trail Tag
  • Perfectly detected on trail races

  • Always on top = always scannable

  • Race ID and bag ID

  • Race souvenir for participants

  • Easy to fasten

  • UHF RFID tag
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    Bib tag
  • Excellent detection rates on mass races

  • Waterproof plastic layers on both sides

  • Strong adhesive, very thin (< 0.4 mm)

  • Perfect for marathons and urban races

  • UHF RFID tag
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    Bike tag
  • Sky-high detection rates on bike races

  • Free to move = easily scanned

  • Replaces bike plates

  • Mud-proof

  • Bike ID

  • UHF RFID tag
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    Triathon tag
  • Great detection on triathlons

  • Very light & comfortable

  • Double chip inside

  • No more time wasted on sorting/collecting tags

  • Easy to strap

  • UHF RFID tag
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  • The most complete, robust and adaptable live tracking solution on road, trail, triathlon and bike races

  • Live ranking sheets, predicted arrival times, safety alerts, live tables for commentators, medics, logistics teams, crews and runner families, and runners themselves

  • All of it based on data broadcasted by uRTime devices spread over the race course

  • uRTime and LiveTrail work together to ensure devices and servers sync and communicate flawlessly to provide rock-solid race information online
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  • A very complete scoring software solution

  • Suitable for all kinds of races

  • Works offline as well

  • Compatible with uRTime devices
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  • Our historical scoring software partner

  • Works with all kinds of races

  • Mainly offline solution
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